HD-8000A push disc type high frequency machine
  • HD-8000A push disc type high frequency machine

HD-8000A push disc type high frequency machine

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Blister machine series

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Scope of Application
Double-sided Blister Sealing, Welding of Pure PVC or Soft and Hard Plastics with PVC Content above 30%, Among them, products include blowing toys, handbags, footwear, trademarks, raincoats, stationery, nameplates, etc., and can be used for splicing of genuine leather, cloth embossing and membrane structure reinforced cloth, etc. The weekly rate of 27.12MHZ or 40.68MHZ generated by the

local oscillator with strong output power conforms to the international industrial band standard. Special electrical circuits of various control devices can avoid improper operation, and can quickly weld products and improve output.

High Sensitivity Spark Prevention Device
When sparks are generated, it can automatically cut off the high cycle circuit to reduce the damage to parts and objects, and when the current is too high, it can automatically cut off the high voltage protection oscillation tube and rectifier. The overall innovative design of

high-performance model
enables the machine to exert its performance when dealing with various types of plastic products, and will not reduce the quality and safety due to the proficiency of operation.


uses Japanese OMRON, FUJI, TOSHIBA, ANV and Taiwan AIRTAC and other famous factory components.

Item HD-4000T HD-5000TA HD-5000S HD-5000A HD-8000AT High cycle output 4000W 4000W 5000W 5000W 8000W Power input 7KVA 7KVA 8KVA 8KVA 12KVA Power Supply Voltage 220V or 380(220or 380V)50Hz-60Hz Oscillation Week Rate 27.12MHz or 40.68MHz Rectifier Silicon Diode Sillcon Diode Pressurization Mode Pedal or Pneumatic pedal-driven of Pneumatic oscillation tube 7T84RB 7T84RB 7T85RB 7T85RB 7T69RB fixer size 350 × 700 350 × 700 400 × 600 400 × 600 600 × 800 upper and lower electrode spacing 220 2220

Output Power

Input Power

Power Voltage

Oscillation frequency


Way of pressure

Oscillation tube

Size of dise

Gap of electrodes

Mechanical Dimension
Size of machine
1620 × 1100
× 1500
1620 × 1100
× 1550
1000 × 660
× 1750
1000 × 660
× 1750
1000 × 720
× 1880
organization activity distance
Machanic movement distance

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