Door panel packaging forming machine
  • Door panel packaging forming machine

Door panel packaging forming machine

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Blister machine series

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door panel packaging forming machine

This machine is designed to integrate machine, electricity and gas, and adopts PLC , touch screen automatic control system and digital display voltmeter to fine-tune temperature control. This machine designs a forming heating space supplemented by an upper heating electric furnace with high-precision temperature control. It adopts high-precision temperature controller, multi-point temperature control system, PID module temperature control or one-to-one temperature control silicon controlled temperature control system. The vacuum forming system has the function of moving and lifting, and has the function of holding the sheet by the manipulator and the cooling function. This machine is widely used in the packaging and molding of decorative door panels, door frames, ceilings and automobile accessories.

technical parameters:

vacuum pump

250m /h

molding length


molding width


forming height

200mm slow and fast secondary vacuum forming

sheet thickness


production speed

5-10 times / hours

electric furnace rated power



380V 50HZ( three-phase four-wire )

total power of the whole machine


overall dimensions

customized according to customer requirements

air compressor power consumption

15KW/20HP (customer-owned)


About 6500Kg

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