Full automatic vacuum forming machine
  • Full automatic vacuum forming machine

Full automatic vacuum forming machine

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Blister machine series

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HD-SPZ600 plastic air pressure thermoforming machine, using new plastic sheet forming technology, is a plastic sheet forming equipment with integrated design of machine, electricity and gas, controlled by microcomputer and programmable controller (PLC), and man-machine interface operation, I .e. sheet feeding, heating, forming, (punching), punching, stacking and waste winding.

2. Application Scope:
is mainly suitable for forming PS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PP and other plastic sheets to produce various packaging products such as boxes, dishes, trays, bowls, covers, etc. For example: food box, cake box, snack box, cake tray, supermarket tray, medicine injection tray, oral liquid tray, etc.



main technical parameters:

technical parameters:



Molding Length




Molding Width




Molding Depth



(according to product mold)

sheet thickness




cutting force




Production Speed



Times / Hours

Template Travel




Electric Furnace Power




Total Power






380V 50HZ(

3-phase 4-wire )



L19600mm * W1900mm * H 2100mm


Mechanical Weight


About 5500kg


4. Important Features:
1. This machine adopts servo motor feeding, each feeding error is not more than 1mm, the feeding speed and length setting only need to be programmed on the touch screen, which is convenient and accurate.
2. The whole machine is controlled by PLC system and touch screen, which improves the control accuracy and is easy to operate.
3. The whole machine adopts 4-stage heating in the upper and lower ovens, which reduces the heating time and speeds up the molding speed.
4. This machine adopts a material-saving clamping structure with a clamping edge of 4-5mm, which can save 20mm of leftover material compared with the traditional needle chain method. For molded products, the distance between the board and the board can be shortened to 15-20mm, which greatly improves the utilization rate of materials.
5. This machine adopts hydraulic drive for forming, punching and blanking, and automatically oiling to reduce unnecessary troubles and pollution to the product.
6. The closed heating box adopts a temperature module to adjust the temperature. The temperature error of ± 0.5 ℃ can effectively use heat energy, save electricity, and control the stability of temperature.
7. This machine with automatic stacking, conveying device, no manual stacking, greatly improving the production speed, saving a lot of labor and reduce the unnecessary damage in the stacking process, pollution, but also makes the product more beautiful, clean.
8. This machine has automatic winding waste, increase the waste recycling, but also simplify the manual operation.
9. This machine integrates positive, negative and molding, and has the functions of vacuum blister molding, positive pressure molding and molding, which expands the application range of the machine.
10. The production speed of this machine can reach 20 times/minute, compared with the traditional 5-6 times/minute, the output is greatly increased.
11. according to the different requirements of customers to change the molding specifications, molding length and width can be adjusted.












- SPZ 6 0 0




- SPZ 6 0 0

vacuum function



positive pressure blowing function



delay vacuum function



unique chain clamp design



automatic stacking conveying function



automatic oiling lubrication device



automatic punching and blanking function



has formula storage function



molding upper and lower die holding function



molding upper and lower die delay



mold release adjustment function



blanking upper and lower die delay



temperature module adjustment function



pull tab speed precision control function



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