High Pressure Forming Machine for Automobile Interior
  • High Pressure Forming Machine for Automobile Interior

High Pressure Forming Machine for Automobile Interior

The design idea of the high-pressure forming machine for automobile interior decoration is to design and customize a high-pressure plastic film plastic forming machine according to the requirements. The machine can carry out positive air high-pressure vacuum plastic forming for automobile interior decoration acrylic composite materials, and adopt air booster pump technology to carry out air pressurization and oil pressure forming system. The ultra-high pressure avoids air leakage during product forming, ensures uniform material forming thickness, and samples to produce qualified plastic...

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Blister machine series


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Automotive interior high-pressure molding machine

Design idea

A high-pressure plastic film blister molding machine is designed and customized according to requirements. The machine can carry out positive air high-pressure vacuum blister molding of automotive interior acrylic composite materials, and adopts air booster pump technology to carry out air pressurization and hydraulic molding system. Ultra-high pressure avoids air leakage during product molding and ensures uniform thickness of material molding, proofing to produce qualified plastic products, can also be connected to the robot handling system to achieve automated scale production.

Product Analysis

According to the material size and the characteristics of plastic molding of experimental products, the sheet needs to be heated and then formed by high-pressure plastic molding to make the formed sheet meet the ideal requirements. The lower mold table is fixed, and the upper mold plate is driven by a 300-ton oil cylinder. After the mold is lowered, the upper mold is supplemented with 30KG positive air pressure for shaping as required, which can ensure that the mold plate and the mold are fitted and formed, and prevent uneven product forming. A movable non-adjustable clip frame system is adopted, which is convenient for entering and leaving the mold and adjusting the molding size of the product.

Blister Forming Machine Procedure

According to the requirements of the materials used, the mobile electric furnace infrared heating system is used to effectively heat the thick sheet material. The temperature is controlled in a state where the material is not completely cured and sagging. The oil pressure system is started to close the mold. The blister material is vacuum formed by high-pressure air blowing through the mold and sheet. The equipment has the function of reverse blowing and demoulding.

Semi-automatic procedure: manually loading the die sheet-manually clamping the sheet and placing it in the movable clip frame-the die is pushed to the forming station-the semi-automatic electric oven baking sheet-the baking sheet completes the electric oven exit-the upper mold high-pressure mold clamping product forming-vacuum start blister exhaust-in-mold cooling and setting completion-the upper mold rises-the clip frame exits-manually take out the product (cycle).

equipment constitutes

1. fuselage structure: 100*200mm square tube welding base is adopted to make the frame firmer and withstand pressure above 300 tons. And according to the need in the key parts of the bolt connection, easy to install, remove and repair replacement.

2, molding mechanism: adopt integral oil pressure lifting design, lower mold adopts fixed type, and cooperate with cold plating optical axis, oil bearing sleeve and synchronization. Therefore, the lifting action is stable, the requirements of high-precision coincidence of upper and lower dies are met, and the clamping force of the hydraulic pump cylinder reaches 300 tons. The pressurized pressure of the booster pump reaches 30KG/㎝.

3. Heating part: the heating brick is used for uniform heating, and the temperature control adopts a one-control-one digital precise temperature control system, which makes the temperature of the heating area flexible and adjustable and has the function of saving electricity. The electric furnace is made of stainless steel, driven by a variable frequency motor, with adjustable speed, and 2 sets of temperature display tables are installed to observe the temperature in the furnace.

4. Electrical control system: The design adopts French Schneider PLC program control, touch screen as man-machine interface, all English/Chinese input is intuitive and clear, and the operation is simple. The equipment is equipped with emergency stop switch to provide safety guarantee for production.

5, feeding system: manually place the die in the clip frame, then send the clip frame to the feeding rack, send it to the molding station, and start the semi-automatic high-pressure plastic molding process.

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