Automatic cooling tower filler molding machine (customized type)
  • Automatic cooling tower filler molding machine (customized type)

Automatic cooling tower filler molding machine (customized type)

Full automatic cooling tower filler molding machine (customized type) high efficiency, high quality of PVC sheet can be one-time compression molding, effectively avoid the leakage phenomenon in product molding, thereby reducing the scrap rate, to ensure that the product is qualified. The new material/return material used in the spray sheet product is more fully utilized and the product cost is reduced. product analysis in accordance with the requirements of drenching film products, for a mold of a piece of pvc sheet using mobile electric...

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Automatic Cooling Tower Filler Forming Machine (Customized)

High efficiency and high quality can be used for one-time compression molding of PVC sheets, effectively avoiding air leakage during product molding, thus reducing rejection rate and ensuring qualified products. The new material/return material used in the spray sheet product is more fully utilized and the product cost is reduced.

Product Analysis

According to the requirements of water spray sheet products, a piece of PVC sheet is heated by a mobile electric furnace and then pressure molded once. The design of breaking tension adopts cross-cutting and two-sided trimming, and can be cut in the middle to complete the design, so as to improve the production efficiency and quality requirements of the product. Selection of infinite long pressure plastic seamless butt forming technology, the use of high-precision pull control system to avoid dimensional errors, according to the design requirements of the machine with waste material traction and crushing function.

Pressure Molding Machine Scheme

adopts electric furnace infrared heating system to effectively heat the PVC material. The temperature is controlled in a state that does not make the PVC material completely mature and sag. When the sheet is moved to the forming station through the pull tab servo, the hydraulic system of the oil cylinder is started, and the PVC material is pressure molded through the upper and lower fitting of the mold. After forming, the product is moved to the top of the conveyor belt, cutting system work, cross-cutting and slitting completion, edge material traction and crushing, so as to cycle the program, high-speed production. The product is delivered by the conveyor belt and enters the artificial aggregate stacking platform or the optional automatic stacking system for packing.

Advantages: According to the product, unlimited long overlapping interface compression molding, no joint waste, and flexible calculation length setting, a pair of molds can complete AB surface one-time molding (molds must be matched with even design to complete overlapping, specific data provided by the buyer) using mobile gantry horizontal cutting.

equipment constitutes

1. feeding system: a large pneumatic feeding rack is adopted, which can feed 50-500kg/roll at a time, and positioning rotors are used to position materials at both ends of the optical axis, so that the coiled material can also be fed when deformed. the motor has the function of forward and reverse operation, which is convenient to rewind and unwind the sheets.

2. Heating part: The electric furnace is designed with a mobile heating device. The electric furnace is retracted to the rear side. The heating bricks of the electric furnace can be heated at the same time or separately. The temperature control adopts the digital module control system of Austrian Instrument, which can control the temperature of each heating brick individually or macro-control in different areas. The temperature of the independent temperature control heating area is flexibly adjustable. Heating brick 120mm * 120mm,220V 650W.

3, oil pressure mechanism: adopt the overall four guide column design, and cooperate with the cold plating optical axis, oil bearing sleeve, labor-saving mechanism, upper and lower die coaxial design. Therefore, the smooth lifting action and high-speed forming design meet the requirements of high-precision coincidence of upper and lower dies. The design tonnage has an upper and lower extrusion pressure of 100 tons. The upper and lower templates are made of thick steel plates and ground smoothly. The size design of the die table is consistent with the size of the die.

4, electrical control system: the design adopts PLC program control, large touch screen as man-machine interface, Chinese/English input is intuitive and clear, and the operation is simple. The equipment is equipped with safety barriers and emergency stop switches, and alarm lights provide safety warnings for production.

5. Cutting system: mobile transverse cutting design is adopted to cut products with high precision. The edge materials are cut with high precision by moving the tool holder after the upper and lower edges are positioned and pressed tightly. The equipment has the functions of chasing and punching. The waste edge materials are pulled into the crusher for centralized crushing (advantages: two-edge cutting does not need to be polished and leveled)

6. Slitting system: the cutting edge and middle slitting shall be longitudinal cut by rodless cylinder after pressing.

7. Crushing system: on-line automatic crushing. After trimming, the edge material is introduced into a small low-noise crushing machine through a guiding device for crushing, bagging and recycling.

8, body structure: 100*100mm square tube welding, so that the frame more solid, strong pressure. And according to the need in the key parts of the bolt connection, easy to install, remove and repair replacement.

9, equipment operation direction: according to the production layout of the customer's plant, the customer specifies the equipment operation direction.

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