HD-1300-1500W of automatic non-woven fabric compression molding machine
  • HD-1300-1500W of automatic non-woven fabric compression molding machine

HD-1300-1500W of automatic non-woven fabric compression molding machine

Full-automatic non-woven fabric compression molding machine HD-1300-1500W 1. overview 1, design ideas high efficiency, high quality non-woven fabric materials can be one-time compression molding, the use of compression molding material extension molding mechanism, to ensure the molding height, thereby reducing the rejection rate, effectively reduce product costs, improve production efficiency. Applicable to various materials used in non-woven products. 2, product analysis according to the requirements of nonwoven products, a mold...

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Full-automatic Non-woven Fabric Compression Molding Machine HD-1300-1500W

1. Overview
1, Design Idea
High Efficiency and High Quality Non-woven Fabric Materials Can be One-Time Compression Molding, Compression Molding Material Extension Molding Mechanism to Ensure Molding Height, Thereby Reducing Scrap Rate, Effectively Reducing Product Cost and Improving Production Efficiency. Applicable to various materials used in non-woven products.
2. Product Analysis
According to the requirements of non-woven fabric products, one mold and one piece are compression molded, heated up and down by double long double electric furnace, heated by preheating electric furnace, and then compression molded once. The breaking design adopts rotary cutting piece/motor to drive cutting, and the products are cut and sent to the conveyor belt. The use of compression molding extended material molding technology to ensure that the product is qualified, high-precision pull tab control system to avoid dimensional errors.
3. Schematic Diagram of Production of Compression Molding Machine
Loading Uncoiling-Motor Pull Tabs-Double Long Up and Down Electric Furnace Heating Baking Tabs-Servo Driven Compression Molding (Arc Knife Scribing Extended Material for Forming)-Rotary Cutting, Breaking and Separating-Product Conveyor Belt Delivery-Cycle in Turn.
4. Equipment Composition
1. Fuselage Structure: The base is welded with square tubes to make the frame firmer and withstand pressure to meet the design requirements. And according to the need in the key parts of the bolt connection, easy to install, remove and repair replacement.
2. Servo molding mechanism: adopt integral four-column and four-beam design, upper and lower mold double servo crank arm design, and cooperate with cold plating optical axis, oil-containing shaft sleeve, labor-saving mechanism, upper and lower mold coaxial design. So as to smooth the lifting action, to meet the requirements of high-precision coincidence of the upper and lower dies, the design tonnage of the upper and lower extrusion pressure of 150 tons, the upper and lower formwork adopts integral steel plate, and is ground flat, the size of the die table is designed to be consistent with the size of the die, and no oil leakage is allowed.
3. Feeding system: a large pneumatic feeding rack is used for double-roll feeding, which can feed 30-500kg/roll at a time (the feeding diameter is 1 meter). A reduction motor is used to drive the driving shaft, the screw thread rotates the leveling material feeding sheet, the tensioning rod smoothly pulls the flat sheet, and the positioning rotor is used to locate the material at both ends of the feeding optical axis, so that the coil deformation can also be fed.
4. Heating part: infrared heating brick is used for one control and one uniform heating. The double electric furnace can heat at the same time or separately and has preheating function. The temperature control adopts pressure regulating temperature control system. Each heating brick can not only control the temperature separately, but also control the furnace temperature and the whole row of lifting temperature macroscopically. It has flexible adjustable and power saving functions, and the voltage regulating module has voltage stabilizing compensation function.
5. Electrical control system: The design adopts PLC program control, large touch screen as man-machine interface, all Chinese input is intuitive and clear, and the operation is simple. The equipment is equipped with light curtain control safety shutdown system and emergency stop switch, and shutdown and furnace return provide safety guarantee for production. With automatic counting function and production parameter storage, and with mold protection function.
6, cutting system: the use of mobile rotary horizontal cutting design, high-speed cutting products.
7. Lubrication system: According to the lubrication cycle, the lubrication time can be set to lubricate the electric pump oil of the servo press system. Other sliding parts should be checked daily and lubricated with oil as required.
8. Safety protection system: the fully enclosed molding station is used to open and stop the operation device, the grating protection system is installed at the blanking and breaking position, and the safety design of the operation equipment is effective to prevent the operator from misoperation and entering the dangerous mechanism by mistake.
9. Pull tab guide rail system: The girder is designed with die steel guide rail combination, which has the advantages of fast heat dissipation, beautiful appearance and neatness. The inner steel guide rail has the advantages of high strength and no deformation. The girder is fixed on the guide column when the product is formed, and the girder is ensured not to bend inward when the product is formed. A plurality of pneumatic pressure plates are installed in the forming station for discharging materials during forming and extending.
10, arc knife cutting system: four arc electric heating cutting knives are installed around the forming station, which are used to cut the forming material synchronously according to the forming needs. during the forming, the material at the higher part of the product is extended, and the electric heating knife is adjustable according to the width of the material.
11, blanking system: the pneumatic clamp manipulator is used to smoothly clamp the products cut by the rotating electric knife and send them to the conveyor belt, and then manually take them out to the worktable for stacking.

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