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        Packaging foundry:         Processing flow

        1.Customer Inquiry issued a request:
        Means of a telephone inquiry, means the second fax inquiry, means three rounds Email inquiry, four-way chat network inquiry. Plastic products, customers must provide the length, width, height and thickness of the materials used, color and type (PVC, PET, PS), product number and production cycle.

        2.Business offer:
        Plastic Products Unit of the level with the following factors: Plastic products, length, width, height, and compression molding of complexity; the type of materials used, thickness and color; plastic products after processing processes (folding, playing hole, edge, etc.), order number and order cycle. Members will offer customers a sample and description of the initial offer, final offer will be quoted after proofing.

        3.Computer Design:
        submitted to Business, computer design, production scheduling department will be asked to the customer's physical scanning combined with the design of printed materials, to produce plastic products, graphic design.

        4.Plastic Proofing:
        Customer acceptance of computer design draft of plastic products production scheduling based on the complexity of deciding on an approach developed mold (plaster mold, copper mold, aluminum mold), the development cycle of 3-5 days.

                Blister plaster mold proofing proofing to the majority, the steps are:
                1.First real mud paste a shape by hand contour;
                2.Into the plastic foam molding machine to play version of shell blanks;
                3.With special plaster with good plastic foam into the shell blanks in dried form gypsum blanks;
                4.Using electric milling rough plaster and rules on the shape of deep processing;
                5.Hand sanding and hand-add components;
                6.Will all polished good adhesive components into a complete plaster cast;
                7.Then put in plastic compression molding machine to play version of the complete sample;
                8.According to product size, hand-trimming, edge, complete all the proofing process. If there is demand, print proofing department also will blister samples of paper used for cards, stickers or color box with the production, they will fully open with the actual printing of digital proofer can print the results reflected.

        5.Make the molds:
        After the sample was customer acceptance, usually under a certain number of production orders.
        Production scheduling based on production, plastic molding on the complexity of deciding what kind of mold production

        1. using plaster mold manufacturing, plastic molding process similar to the samples, the advantage of short production cycle, lowest cost production of a full page (60X110cm) die just a day or two of time, deficiencies in that plastic finished surface roughness , the production of molds easily fragmentation, poor durability of the depth can not be formed large, complex and high, thick sheet products.

        2. electroplated copper mold, the process is to lay the kind of blister surface sprayed with a conductive agent, and then into the electrolytic cell thick plated copper layer, plating process takes 72 hours, and then want to mold for irrigation gypsum (increasing hardness), polishing, encourage eye treatment, and electroplating copper mold plastic products production has the advantage of smooth surface, moderate cost, durable, long cycle molding disadvantage, unable to complete the production of precision plastic products.

        3.aluminum mold with plastic production, molds need to use computer design drawings, and then using CNC CNC milling machine, the advantage of moderate production cycles, post-mold processing time is short (eyes gas drilling to complete the work in the CNC Machining), PlasticProduct size and high precision mold durable, disadvantage is the high cost.

        As the automatic high-speed blister forming machine range 66X110cm about, so whether it is cast, mold or aluminum mold, the mold needs to be a single piece together, to shape dimensions, we call this process as the make-up, needs fight the fight of aluminum or wood pores on the good fight after the mold is called the end of full-page mode.

        4. the depth of a large blister forming products, also need to make the mold, the bottom sheet vacuum mold forming the same time, pressure from the top sheet, the sheet stretched evenly to every part, otherwise caused partial thickness are too thin. Production of the entire production cycle of the mold should be 5 to 7 days.

        6. plastic molding production: The production of fully automatic high speed blister forming machine, its basic principles are: drawing sheets into volumes into the furnace oven heated to soften the state, by heat and then pull the top plastic mold, mold on the Move and vacuum, to soften the sheet material adsorbed to the mold surface, while cooling water to spray the liquid on the surface of forming sheet to make it harden, forming the sheet material and then automatically pulled to the tanks, pneumatic cutter to shape and not forming separate sheet to complete the entire process.

        Plastic product has most of the major quality problems occur in this process:
                1.Blister is not in place, the shape deformation is not the same shape and mold plastic into the product;
                2.Plastic excessive, the product is too thin;
                3.Pull, is shaping the product line marks should not have happened;
                4.Thickness uneven. These issues need to die in the Shang Hao, the debugging in place, including: sheet ahead of time, heating temperature and time, intensity and duration of vacuum, the whereabouts of the model location, time and depth, make-up placing in the moldlocation, whether between the die and add accessories and so on.

        7. Punch processing: compression molding of large format products must punch, use a knife split a single version of the product. The principle is the end of the platform at the press of a large sheet of plastic cutting boards, the large format molding on the chopping block, and to do well in advance of the knife mold cards in a single product, moving up and down through the press, finding a single product .