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1. Keep clean and sanitary. After shutdown, remove the surrounding debris and dirt in the machine. 2. Each sliding guide column, bearing and sprocket must be kept in good lubrication state, and often lubricated with oil. 3. The water filter in the gas circuit should be watered once per working shift, and the oil mist should be filled frequently to ensure the normal use of solenoid valve and cylinder. 4. Each working shift...

1. Keep clean and sanitary. After shutdown, remove the sundries around and dirt in the machine

2. All sliding guide posts, bearings and sprockets must be well lubricated. Lubricate oil frequently

3. The water filter in the gas circuit should be watered once per working shift, and the oil mist should be refueled frequently, in order to ensure the normal use of the solenoid valve and cylinder

4. Check the oil level of the vacuum pump (the oil shall not be lower than the oil surface line); The vacuum pump oil should be replaced once a month

5. Regularly observe the oil volume of the oil mist device and adjust the oil volume in time, when the new machine is used, it can be adjusted larger (about 3 days and 1 bottle of oil). After one week of use, it can be reduced to ensure that the pneumatic components have sufficient lubrication. Features of

Automatic Continuous Vacuum Blister Machine


1. Control System: Artificial Intelligence. The system adopts Siemens CPU224 host and Siemens EM222 module. The man-machine interface adopts Delta 10.4 inch color touch screen and professional operation screen, which corresponds to the common operation mode and solves the problem of upgrade and control. Powerful memory space, set including automatic operation, manual operation, function settings, mechanical animation, fault display, equipment documentation, safety guidelines and other interfaces, the whole system is safe and stable.

2. Loading area: the loading is lifted by motor, and the supporting weight can reach 200kg. The sheet to be fed is driven by rubber rollers, and two large material rods are provided for replacing the sheet.

3. Electric heating zone: the electric furnace is made of stainless steel, Taiwan heating tile, Japanese high temperature wire, high frequency porcelain connector, 60 heating tiles on the furnace, 42 heating tiles on the furnace, maximum power 40.8KW, Korean DPC digital proportional regulator, one control and one adjustment temperature, and a temperature sensor is attached to display the temperature of the electric furnace, which is convenient for data management. Electric furnace cylinder drive, power failure or overhaul electric furnace out of the machine, safe and convenient.

4. Forming area: the forming length is unlimited within 1220mm, the forming width is 470~720mm, the die plate is made of aluminum alloy water transport type with a total of 5 pieces, which are disassembled independently, and fast vacuum pipes and water pipe joints are designed to facilitate the replacement of the die plate. The die plate has a specification every 50mm width, the forming height is up to 200mm, the sheet width is 510~760mm, and the bottom die cylinder is 160 × 350mm, the height can be adjusted electrically, the maximum travel of the die plate is 320mm, and it is equipped with vibration demoulding, multiple demoulding blowing and demoulding blowing delay functions. Upper die cylinder? 125 × 450mm, electrically adjustable stroke, and equipped with secondary upper die independent, upper pressure demoulding isolation function, lower gate and middle gate are designed with fast push-pull type.

5. Chain rail transmission: The chain rail cover plate is made of imported 718 steel through special precision processing. The middle plate and the lower plate are made of domestic high-quality 45# steel. The docking precision is high, the friction coefficient is low, and the service life is long. The pull tab adopts frequency conversion control technology, cooperates with the encoder, inputs the required length, and the pull tab is fast and accurate.

6. Cooling system: equipped with 10 Japanese Meiji A- 100 sprinkler heads, 1 set of 3-horse chiller in Riling, water transportation on the die plate, 2 powerful fans, and the air inlet of the fan is designed as an air duct to avoid sucking in the loop hot air.

7. Material receiving area: the material receiving box is designed to be movable, with manual gear transmission, pneumatic pressing and placing, and precision screw transmission and slicing.

8. Vacuum system: German Richelle or Puxu vacuum pump, power 4kw, pumping speed 150-160m3 per hour, vacuum cylinder 0.25 m3.

9. All functions: secondary vacuum function, vacuum delay function, upper mold buffer function, upper mold electric adjustment function, lower mold electric adjustment function, multiple blowback function, multiple demoulding function, shift production metering function, secondary upper mold function, upper mold isolation function, delayed water spray function, delayed blowing function, blowing isolation function, secondary independent upper mold function, and automatic exit function of electric heating furnace, middle and lower brake push-pull adjustment function, motor feeding setting function, bottom air delay function.

10. Other specifications

air consumption: 6.5kg/cm2000-3000l/h

power supply: 380V50HZ/220V60HZ /3?

production speed: 100~300 mold/hour

overall power consumption: about 25kw/hour

mechanical size: L7800 × W1650 × H2560mm

mechanical weight: about 4800kg

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Spot welding machine series

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