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1. Turn on the power supply system first 2. Turn on the air source, the air pressure requires 5-6kg 3. Turn on the chiller, and the temperature of the chiller is set to about 10 degrees 4. Press the button ON of the blister power switch to make the three power indicator lights light up at the same time 5. Then press the heating button of the electric furnace to turn on the main light, which means to turn off the electric furnace and adjust each heat control. 6. arrange the mold and occupy the mold with gummed paper.

1. Start the power supply system

2. Start the air source, the air pressure requirement is 5-6kg

3. Start the cold water machine, the temperature of the cold water machine is adjusted to about 10 degrees

4. Press the button ON of the blister power switch to make the three power indicator lights light up at the same time

5. Then press the heating button of the electric furnace to light, adjust each fever control.

6. Arrange the molds and use gummed paper to occupy the molds.

7. Adjust the middle brake to the back of the die.

8. Immediately adjust the mold base that needs the upper mold

9. Adjust the heat shield to the same length as the total length of the mold.

10. Put the rubber material into the front material rack to fix it, and adjust the feed inlet

11. Adjust the pull tab counting length to the length of the machine mold (the counter length is adjusted according to MODE, if SET2 is displayed as the pull tab length (e.g. 1000MM). Press MODE to show that SET1 is a pull-tab buffer less than SET2. (if 850MM). RST is reset. When pulling the tab manually, press RST to reset the counted number. Before turning on the automatic, it is also necessary to check whether RST is reset).

12. Whether it is normal to manually start each switch.

13. Adjust all time systems.

Note: The electric furnace time is the total time

. The vacuum water spray demoulding and blowing delay the vacuum for 1-2 seconds cannot be more than the electric furnace time# The ratio of film thickness to time is 0.5 glue = 20 and 0.5 glue = 20

# film is 1 second.

14. Degree forming height adjustment center gate, slitting, proximity switch position and row degree nut.

15. Start the heating furnace, adjust the heating area of the heating furnace according to the molding area of the mold, adjust the temperature regulating device, and observe the corresponding current and the redness of the heating brick. Generally, the current is high around and low in the middle.

16. Install the film on the feeding shaft, adjust the film according to the film width and the position of the feeding port, and fix the feeding rotor at the corresponding position of the sheet feeding positioning wheel.

17. The heating furnace is preheated for 10~15 minutes. After the temperature adapts to the production requirements, adjust the digital display time corresponding to each program on the control panel. Generally, it is set to the heating time greater than the vacuum, add the cold air and demoulding time and turn on the vacuum pump.

18. Raise the furnace, switch the manual and automatic switch to dial the mobile phone, select the feeding switch to the corresponding gear, put the sheet into the space between the pressing wheel and the chain tooth in parallel, and inching the pull button to send the material into the heating area. At this time, the sheet should extend about 20mm at the exit of the lower gate.

19. Put down the heating furnace, switch the manual and automatic switches to automatic, and start the heating time. When producing the first product, the heating time should be set at more than 1.5 times of the required time of the process, start the lower gate, and observe the heating situation of the sheet. When the heating area of the sheet reaches the temperature conforming to the forming temperature, inching the pull tab in advance to make the sheet walk out of the heating area and enter the forming action under the forming action driven by the chain, and modify the set number of heating time.

20. After the sheet is formed and cooled, it is taken out of the forming area by the chain and enters the cutting area. At this time, the knife gate should be closed, and the receiving box should be moved. After adjusting the cutting position, the receiving box should be positioned and the knife gate should be opened.

21. When the blister machine automatically produces, the operator should check the product quality, see whether the temperature meets the product quality requirements, adjust the temperature, and then check the details of the production varieties of film forming uniformity is consistent, local temperature adjustment, to maintain the quality requirements of the product.

22. Secondary upper mold: used to protect the product from deformation, crack-free, fragile and difficult to demould during demoulding. Function setting: select the upper die function to the secondary upper die. When the upper die is lowered to the surface of the product, the cold air stops and the bottom air starts to blow. Adjust the time for the secondary upper die to be: the time value of water spray time count and the time value of cold air count are less than 2 seconds. If the upper mold comes down too early, the use of water spray will be increased, otherwise, the water spray time will be reduced.

23. Vibration demoulding: Usually used in products that are high or deep and difficult to demould. The button for vibration demoulding is selected to be on, and the bottom blowing time is set at more than 2 seconds. It is set according to the number of vibration times of product demoulding. The more vibration times, the longer the bottom blowing time. Open the control electric box at the bottom right, there are two 10-second time systems. The time system on the left controls the time under the lower mold, the total time of the next cycle on the mold plate is controlled on the right, and the flow limiting valve is adjusted according to the upper and lower reactions of the mold plate to achieve the purpose of vibration by electric and gas combination.

24. Electric synchronous mold adjustment: According to the combination degree of upper and lower molds, when the function button is selected to rise, the inching mold adjustment overmoves, the upper mold rises, and vice versa.

25. Pull the tab in advance: within the heating time, start the lower brake to observe the heating of the sheet. When the sheet meets the requirements of product molding, click this button to make the sheet go out of the heating zone and enter the molding action under the drive of the chain service.

26. Lower gate: This function can be operated in manual and automatic states. When manual, local adjustment can be carried out. When automatic, it is used to observe the heating condition of the sheet.

27. Stop gate: In the automatic state, according to the needs of product molding, the upper gate is closed when the upper gate is not needed.

Stop knife switch: In the automatic state, after the product is formed and cooled, when entering the cutting area, for safety reasons, close the knife switch, adjust the cutting position and fix the receiving box before opening it.

28. The setting method of the electronic counter:

1) In the setting state: When the required mode appears on the display, press the MODE key to select and enter the next step, press the DISPLAY in any step to end the setting

) Press the MODE key to check the setting contents

) The SET2 value of the two groups of setting products must be greater than the SET1 value. If it is less than or equal to the SET1 value, FFFFFF will be displayed to remind users to make modifications. After modification, press the panel reset keys RESET and FFFFFF to disappear (if FFFF appears, the key protection is invalid for RESET locking of the panel until FFFFFF disappears)

⑷ after the setting is completed, please use the key protection function to protect the data you set from being changed by others (the key protection only works when KP of the first terminal is connected to the public terminal, and K/P is displayed at this time to indicate that the key protection function has worked).

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